KBA Partners


KBA Systems have been an IBM partner since 1994 and have worked with IBM on many RF and Data Collection projects. 


Data Collection and Integration Software:

DC-Connect is a unique system enabling tool, that dramatically simplifies the process of updating ERP applications. Data collected from any source - shop floor data collection terminals, PLC, Weighing Scales, Printers andhand held terminals in the warehouse or data collected via a Web Browser, can be reformatted and processed by DC-Connect.

DC-Connect can transfer data to/from the ERP application and hence can be used for many complicated Production and Logistic functions.


CorVu Corporation is a global provider of enterprise business performance management and business intelligence software solutions. Combining OLAP query and reporting, executive KPI dashboards and forecasting, CorVu's solutions offer information analysis capabilities that empower their customers to achieve strategic objectives and improve business performance and strategy modeling. 

CDID Corporation was founded in 1993 in Canada. CDID develop manufacturing software including their own Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system called PreXtra. PreXra provides financial, distribution, manufacturing and human resource modules. CDID recently opened offices in the Phillipines. KBA and CDID share resources and technologies on a regular basis. CDID also does business in Canada, U.S., Ireland, UAE and Greece.