Text Box: 	KBA Systems are currently developing interfaces to Navision, MFG/Pro and SAP ERP Systems. A number of ongoing RF projects require  real-time interfaces to these ERP Systems. KBA have also developed similar interfaces to many more ERP solutions, including MAPICS, JD Edwards, BPCS as well as customer proprietary management systems. The KBA solutions interface to the back-end systems using one or more of the following methods:
	i)    A Transaction Handler.
	ii)   ODBC Connectivity.
	iii)  XML Messaging.
	iv)  API (Application Program Interface).
For one project KBA had to investigate developing a method of accessing KSAM (Keyed Sequential Access Method). These file structures pre-date the more common relational databases.
Text Box: 	KBA Systems have developed a Shop Floor Scheduling System for a large multi-national customer. This system interfaces with the back-end MAPICS system as well as providing a link with multiple DVT cameras, Siemens PLC, Kardex storage units, Zebra & EasyPrint printers as well as a connection to an ink jet printer. The Work Orders are received from the MAPICS ERP system and can be scheduled on the shop floor. Security is built into the application to allow supervisors reschedule urgent orders. The links to the hardware and PLC ensure a flexible and efficient production flow.
Text Box: Has your company ever considered an RF Solution?
Are there some transactions in the Warehouse or on the production floor, that should be automated ?
If you feel that there are some parts of your business that could be improved by automating certain transactions  then you should talk to KBA Systems. KBA can look at the specific requirements and provide a simple free proposal on how RF could help introduce new efficiencies in your organisation.
Text Box: KBA Systems integrate with more
ERP and Legacy systems.
Text Box: Ever Considered RF ?
Text Box: Scheduling on the Production Floor.
Text Box: 	As part of KBA’s drive towards providing quality software solutions at an attractive price, we have formed an alliance with LXE. LXE is a provider of RF terminals, access points, industrial spires, truck mounted computers and barcode printers. LXE also provide a Site Analysis to help the customer achieve an optimal RF configuration. 
KBA believes this alliance will help provide a cheaper overall solution to the customer by reducing the cost of the hardware (distributor costs) & providing a one stop shop for the total solution.
Text Box: Quarter 3, 2003
KBA SYSTEMSText Box: KBA Systems form alliance with LXE.
Text Box: For information or questions please e-mail info@kba.ie or call (0506) 29342.
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