Data Collection Software - Downtime and Production Recording - OEE Reporting - Radio Frequency - RF Consultancy - Barcoding - Real Time Data Collection - Bespoke System Development - DVT Camera Interfaces - Production Weighing Scale Interaction - UNIX - NT - AS/400 - ERP Integration

KBA Systems develop bespoke software applications, using the latest software development techniques. KBA solutions and services include the following:

Shop Floor Data Collection Systems                                         Downtime and Production details recording

Radio Frequency Solutions                                                       Project Management

Intelligent Barcode Systems                                                     Mobile Data Collection

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Solutions                     Technical Support

Quality Inspection Systems                                                       Training

Barcode Data Collection & Printing Systems

Real time Interfaces to ERP Software.

The KBA  solutions interact with many different types of production control equipment:  Cameras, RF & Mobile Devices,  Printers,  Scanners, Weighing Scales and various PLCs.

KBA Software solution are tailored to our customers' individual needs and this is backed up by comprehensive documentation and after-sales support.

KBA Solutions that are hardware independent - we support all leading hardware suppliers. We also support all leading ERP Systems e.g. SAP, BPCS, MAPICS, JDE, MFG/Pro ..